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Heat waves, Parades & Geneva Fetes

It is too hot to do much in this weather…I wasn’t sure I would even manage a blog this week but I have persisted. I will just have to keep having a dip in the pool in between paragraphs to get me through it. The garden is dying of thirst, I swear the flowers and plants whisper ‘thank you’ when I give them their nightly soak. They briefly rejoice in the respite from the blistering sun – gulping down the water as if they know tomorrow will be another hot, sunny day.

The flowers are still blooming which is a miracle in this weather. I am just wondering what happens to your garden if there is a water ban?  I have started talking to the flowers and plants – I am hooked!  Spending a couple of hours in the evening pottering around the garden is very relaxing and for me, a form of mediation.

The average temperature this week has been 36° with a wicked ‘hot’ wind. Poor us, but at least we know how to take care of ourselves – unlike our furry counter parts. They look to us for help, guidance and care and we need to step up and make sure they are properly taken care of in this extreme heat.

Blistering hot sidewalks can burn their little paws.  They overheat very easily and quickly so keeping them cool, hydrated and calm is very important.

This weekend they started cutting the hay in the fields at the back of the house, and it is even too hot for Archie to come out and have a good bark at them. It is actually quite annoying. Yesterday all my laundry got covered in dust – today they are baling the hay and there is more dust and bits in the garden and swimming pool than a dusty old abandoned castle.

However, it is providing a feast for the dozen or so circling kites, and this sight is somewhat making up for the discomfort. My next thought is though, will all the poor mice that are now homeless try to move in with us?!?! I saw one on the terrace last night and didn’t think much of it…but I have Archie – I am sure he will keep them out; especially if I tell him they are after his treats!

Lake Parade kicked off this year’s ‘pre-pre- ‘Fête de Géneve’ – earlier than normal if memory serves me well. In fact it seems to get earlier and earlier every year. The pre- ‘Fête de Géneve’ starts on the 16th July!  We will soon have pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre ‘Fête de Géneve’ that will start mid January -featuring mulled wine & fondue.

I didn’t make it down to the Lakeside this year; it was just way too hot! But from what I have seen – and heard it all seems to have gone pretty smoothly. I must admit it is not really my thing. But I do love to watch the floats go by and all the wonderful and colourful people in the parade. Living downtown, I normally just pop out of my place to watch the spectacle! It brings life into Geneva and is lots of fun.

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