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Winter is coming to Geneva!

I must say that it’s good to be back!  After what seems like an age, we are finally getting back on top of our blog!

With the winter months drawing in, it seems easier to write when curled up in front of the TV with the wind and rain blowing outside instead of having an alluring swimming pool calling out my name!!!

The end of October saw the arrival of fall with the clocks going back one hour. I would prefer to put the clocks back a good 20 years or so but I, like everyone else, will have to be content with the one hour!

My extra hour was spent doing my accounts, not a very interesting way to spend the extra hour, but it was needed. We all have things to do that we would prefer not to do…

To this I ask, how many things do we have to do every day? And how many extra hours in each day do we need to do those things? I often say that I need at least a 9-day week. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy, I love what I do and fortunately for me, I am surrounded by the support of my wonderful Angels. Sometimes, I get caught up in the excitement of what I am doing and try to live up to my ‘Super Angel’ character, forgetting that superheroes always had their partners or sidekicks to fall back on in times of need. Batman had his Robin, Sherlock would have been nothing without Watson, and how many times did Tommy need his Tuppence?!

So with fall closing in, how many of you are actually delegating? Handing over the things you really don’t want or have time to do, and concentrating on the things you really want to do instead?

Here are a few examples of jobs that are tiresome, time consuming and quite honestly boring, but that need to get done to be ready for winter:

  • Changing the tyres on your car
  • Taking your skis for a much needed servicing
  • Getting your winter boots to the cobblers
  • Making sure your winter coats and jackets are clean
  • The list is endless….


Wouldn’t you be happier hanging out with your friends and family, shopping, or doing whatever it is you like to do to relax?  Let go and let your Angels take charge!

These are just a few examples of where your delegating can begin! So let go and let your Angels help you, I certainly do!

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