Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm

Business Services

Do you want to set up your own business or register as an independent consultant? Our Angels know how to start your company and will gather all the relevant documentation needed. They will also accompany you to the social security (AVS) office of your choice. We cover a broad range of business services so just let us know what you need help with and we will find a solution.

Here are a few examples of what we can help you with:

  • Register your company and gather all the relevant documentation needed.
  • Accompany you to the AVS office of your choice.
  • Help set up your back office.
  • Manage your diary or address book.
  • Organise business meetings or conferences.
  • Help with branding, graphic design and website creation.
  • Contract management.
  • Get your business cards, brochures or banners printed.
  • Help you choose and set up an accounting system.
  • Mail your goods wherever they need to go (we have preferred rates with TNT, DHL and UPS for importing and exporting goods).